• We realize the idea of leaving your current home can weigh heavy on your heart.
  • We understand these things because we have been there with our own families.
  • We bring our experience and empathy to work every day.
  • We believe that family involvement is critical to your well-being.
  • We believe you have the right to service with a joyful attitude.
  • We are passionate about Seniors and their lives.
  • We engage in continual education to better understand memory impairment and its effect on an individual and their loved ones.
  • We believe in community and the development of friendships within.
  • We believe that each resident deserves deep and unbending respect.
  • We know that our beliefs, our service and our attitudes are what set us apart from other senior living communities.
  • We celebrate Seniors every day in an encouraging, positive atmosphere of love and service.


The Mission of Georgia Living Management, Inc. is to provide a well-constructed, visually attractive, secure home environment to senior adults; to promote friendships among these individuals; to offer services and resources that meet the spiritual, nutritional, recreational, personal, and day-to-day needs of the individual;

to demonstrate always a deep, unbending respect for senior adults and the individual’s unique characteristics; and to achieve for each resident the maximum level of independence in an encouraging, positive atmosphere of genuine care.



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